Queen’s University Symphony Orchestra

The project is going back in the archives. Way, way back! This is my first piece of graphic design, a logo for Queen’s University Symphony Orchestra when I was playing with them 2009 – 2012. I didn’t know what I was doing, had only an idea of where I wanted to end up, and begged my then-flatmate to show me the basics of Adobe Illustrator. Hours of playing with beziers, gradients and linking letters, and the committee loved it!

I’ve opened up the file to neaten it up, and have thought about how far I’ve come since then and stand by the design now.

The next images are of the posters I designed for the summer concert series we did in Belfast and Liverpool in 2012, where we played the New World Symphony by Dvorak which served as inspiration for the background. The final image is a logo idea that I had for the Music Society. They went in a direction much like the QUSO logo.