Hidden Corners

My brief for this project was to write three thousand words on any subject and to design it with consideration of the text and its subject. I am a keen runner and crafted a piece that describes my thoughts as I run a race with interjections of lyrics and outside action. It is presented as concertina sheets with coptic binding and an embossed and debossed cover.


“You have identified a very original subject, which is centred around your interest in running and how it enables you to process ideas and thought. This is an excellent starting point, which reflects your personal interests. Your writing and structure is very well crafted and conveys the correct tone of voice and inner monologue for the subject of running. However, the most successful aspect of this project is the typographic design and layout, which is executed with a professional attention to detail. The introduction of multiple typefaces, to represent differing voices, and non-traditional type detailing are particularly successful. Your final presentation and consideration towards paper, format and binding is also beautifully presented. Well done.”

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