About me

Anna Robinette is a creative living in South London. She likes sewing, running and winning pub quizzes.

I’m Anna, an assistant designer at Walker Books in London. I work on children’s books of all sorts, from YA novels to interactive baby books. This portfolio features several recent projects I have worked on, from their creative genesis to the final printed project.

Before Walker, I worked as an Assistant Production Editor at Boydell & Brewer, project managing the copy-editing and typesetting stages and briefing freelance cover designers. I have also worked at Bloomsbury and Egmont in their production departments.

My background in print production enables me to approach design in a pragmatic way, and I have first-hand experience of printing processes and building files to the specification needed, working with tight deadlines and budgets.

In my spare time, I have taken on design projects for business purposes but also just for the fun of it; redesigning the zine Be Yours Truly, building a Monopoly-based pub crawl game and creating a beer-tasting pack concept.

Outside of graphic design, I participate in an exercise group called Rabble, and in this portfolio is a commissioned concept for a training manual for new instructors. I have also included my climbing and cycling greetings cards and prints, which I sell via etsy.com